Meet Your Trainer



Jessica Laine is an accomplished certified personal trainer that is known for shaping lives everywhere.  With aspirations to compete in the Olympics, she has placed graduate school, along with her career aspirations on hold to focus on her craft and change the lives of millions through fitness.  Jessica first entered the fitness industry when she was a student at Spelman College, a world class highly ranked institution and America’s number one historically Black college for women.  

During her tenure as a student, Spelman College launched the Wellness Revolution, a revolution desperately needed in the African American community that teaches “fitness literacy.” Jessica took an immediate liking to this program and began using her talents to help her peers.  She joined the Wellness Revolution Committee as a Student Ambassador and became a co-instructor for Women’s Boxing on Campus.  As she began to realize how many lives she touched, her passion only grew.  She began incorporating fitness boot camps and group sessions along with her personal training to make a perfect body.

Currently, Jessica is a certified nutrition, strength, and conditioning specialist along with having a Masters certification with AAAI/ISMA and AAFA Aerobics And Fitness Association of America.  She has spent a tremendous amount of time as a Personal Training Counselor and Fitness Director for LA Fitness, and works with Decatur Boxing Club, Southeast’s historic and prominent boxing gym.  Jessica works closely with Xavier Biggs, an American ranked trainer and director of boxing for the fast-growing boxing and kickboxing fitness franchise, 9round. She has also trained with Fitted 24, 24/7 Fitness, and implemented various health initiatives within the community in local schools and organizations.